Monday, 23 April 2012

The Gift Box

Boker Tov:

So the sun came out this Monday morning and Montaque was ready to face the day.
Yesterday was a wet, cold Sunday, so Monti just ran out long enough to do what he needed to do and come back in.
This morning,  Mark took the Monti out and after about twenty minutes later, Monti came back in with a huge smile of relief upon his face and then started chasing Mark around the apartment, running off the build up energy.
Now, he is sitting on my lap as I try to type.
The Doggie Park is close because the ground is still wet, so a walk around the neighbourhood will have to do. Not that's a bad thing. Just not a lot of placing for Monti to run.
Today I start a new project; declutter.
There are those times one realises one just has too much 'stuff' and it is time to get rid of some it.
So this morning I pulled out a box
In this box I will pull in things I am not using, books I have read, clothing I have not wore in a while. Are they still in good condition? Is it something someone else can use? Have I outgrown the need of this item? Have I leaned all I need from this book, video or DVD? Does this really serve a purpose or is it collection dust?
By filling what I can my Gift Book with things we are no longer using, have no need of, I am gifting this to someone else who can use it. 
Now if I can only talk Mark into giving up those ugly green and black sneakers.
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