Monday, 9 April 2012

The Gallery of Light

Shalom:As many know by now, the artist of Light, Thomas Kinkade's soul returned to the Creator. There will be many nasty things written about Mr. Kinkade concerning his recent troubles. The media loves to feed on the flesh of the fallen, made only worse when the person is a man or woman of faith.
I shall not do that.
Instead, I would like to share two stories of how Mr.Kinkade's work has touched and brighten my own life.
The first story.
It was September 2008. Mark was granted a pass from Fort Bragg to come home for the High Holy Days, just before he was deployed to Iraq.
Mr. Kinkade had a showing at Fort Bragg and Mark stopped to look around. Mark told Mr. Kinkade he was looking for a special picture for me since he would be leaving soon. Mr. Kinkade suggested the following picture, a limited addition which he signed for me.

This picture now hangs in our living room. How often I still look at this picture and pray for our troops.
The second is my mother.
After Mother recovered from her Strokes, she once again began to put together jigsaw puzzles. But not just any puzzle. They had to be Thomas Kinkade.
I credit the puzzle paintings of Thomas Kinkade in the recovery of my mother. For the past six years, mummie has received Kinkade puzzles for her birthday, x-mas and mother's day. During this time, mummie has been putting together and framing Thomas Kinkade's puzzles. After framing them, she has given the pictures out as wedding or birthday gifts. But most of them grace the walls of Hope Haven  Assistance Living where mother's lives, bringing both light and joy to the home.

Thank you, Mr. Kinkade for the joy and beauty, for the Light you brought to the world. The world is a better place you had been here.
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