Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Sounds of Spring

Boker Tov:
While Monti and I were taking our morning walk yesterday, I heard the faint sounds tiny brass clinking together as the wind blew.
Wind Climes.
I have always love the music of the Wind Climes. Each one has it's own song. Monti and I stopped to listen for a moment. We couldn't see it, but we could hear it.
Funny how I hadn't thought about having one or two of my own. I would transform our ugly fire escape.
We started our walk again, only to be stopped a few minutes later by the song of a Blue Bird. Monti looked up in the tree and smiled. It's nice to know our little guy likes the songs of birds as well as stopping to smell the flowers. That is his own doggie way, he too appreciates the beauty of creation.
In the distance, we heard the children being let out for P.E. so we walked over to the school yard to walk them play, their laughter filling the air.
Wind Climes. Birds singing. Child's laughter. The barking of a dog who wants to play with the children.
The sounds of Spring.
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