Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh My Aching Mouth Part 3

Boker Tov;
Since Saturday afternoon, I have become a fixture on the living room sofa. Montaque, fulfilling his role as lapdog, makes himself comfort while I sleep, only moving to go out for his work or sharing my chicken soup.
It has been a slow healing, Doctor told me it would be. It has also been quite painful. The first night was the roughest with lots of pain and little sleep.
The next morning, Doctor James prescribe a stronger medication and I was able to get some much needed sleep.
I used the time well, reading, praying, grooming Montaque.
And of course Mark was as caring and loving as always. Saturday night when all I could do was cry because of the pain, he held me and prayed for me. I remember his kissing my hair as I fell asleep.
There is so much to be grateful for.
A loving husband.
An awesome Dentist.
Great pain medication.
Chicken soup.
And Montaque.
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