Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Yeshua Eyes

Today is my beloved Mark's birthday. Right now, Mark and Montaque are having a little bonding time, better known as a walk.
Mark had a four day Drill this weekend, so since Thursday, it has been Monti and I.
The weather has been wonderful, so Montaque and I take nice long walks three times a day. Monti loves to be outside; he turns to his little face to the sun and just stands there basking in the rays. The walk does me good too. I find the walk a wonderful time of prayer as well as getting to know some of my neighbours.
But the nights have been lonely with out my Mark. And it is the first time we have been apart in two years. Monti's presence helped greatly.
But still it was hard getting use to not sleeping next to my beloved.
So Mark got home a little after two this afternoon. Both Monti and I were excited to see Mark. And the three of us laid down for a nap.
Mark said Drill was OK, but he was really glad to be home. There was no other place he wanted to be for his birthday.
I wish I had the money to throw him a party, but he said that was fine. He rather celebrate his day with me anyway.
Mark wanted a cheese cake for his birthday, but it cost too much, so we got a chocolate cake. And the guys get back from their walk, we shall celebrate his birthday.
I remember the day I met him. It was a Sunday, June 24th, the day after my birthday. I remember hearing, "excuse me, miss."
I turned around and saw a very tall, handsome man with the most amazing blue-green eyes. Those eyes, usually blue, when he is happy, when he looking at me are the brightest robin egg blue- Kelly green with  gold rims and flecks. For a second I thought I was looking in the very eyes of the Messiah Himself. Such loving, caring, tender eyes, filled with sorrow, yet pleading me to be his friend.
Which wasn't that hard to do.
Since then, I have had the joy of being Mark's best friend, his lady, his wife. My life is so blessed because on this day, Mark David Reel was born.
G_D has indeed blessed me with Mark. A man who insist on making the morning coffee and when he can, brings me a rose. A man who loves Torah and the G_D of the Torah.
And while he isn't perfect, he is perfect for me.
Those amazing eyes that shine bright with love when he takes me in his arms. And dance for joy when his little dog jumps into his lap and showers him with kisses. A man willing to help a friend as well as a stranger.
The man I am so humbled and honoured to call my husband.
Happy birthday my beloved.
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