Friday, 20 April 2012

Eating the Elephant? Part 1

Boker Tov:

So how does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

How often over the I have found myself saying this.  To friends and family. To Mark. To myself.
I would say this when I was a single mum on welfare,  a single working mum, caring for my mother covering from a series of strokes.
I said when caring for Mark when he had cancer, during four deployments and as we deal with PTSD and being without work  for almost two years.
I said a few days ago when I learn I now suffer from SPTSD.
How do I eat this elephant?
This week, once again, I have been finding myself staring on the window or just staring into space, wondering how to eat this elephant.  Feeling overwhelmed with life. Wondering when will the Dark Shadow return to the Shadow Lands and the Sun shines in our lives once again.
 When will the phone stop ringing from bill collectors and start ringing with friends calling to say hi.
 When will we be able have Monti's hurting mouth worked on. When will this long winter end and its spring again.
That instead of grilling elephant for supper, the big, grey beast is squashing the life out of us.
So how do you eat an elephant?
First you have to catch the sucker and kill it!
I mean come on, do you really think Ellie Elephant is just going to stand there and allow you to shoot her????
Besides, elephant isn't kosher.
So  Mark and I have decided, instead of eating the elephant,  to adopt her.

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