Thursday, 26 April 2012

Good Night, Sweet Lady

"I'm not funny. What I am is brave."
Lucille Ball

Today, twenty-three years ago, one of this world's greatest treasures left us.
I remember that day well. On April 18, 1989, Miss Ball complained of back pain and rushed to hospital. Suffering from a dissenting aorta, Miss Ball went through an almost eight hour operation, receiving an aorta from a 27 year male donor. She began to recover quickly.
But then on April 26, just after dawn, Miss Ball awoke with server back pain. The aorta had ruptured in a second site and at 05:47 PST, Miss Ball was gone.

I remember being up and just applying a warm paste of henna to my hair. I started using henna at age six-teen years old and loved the way my hair looked. It was the closet I got to looking like my favourite actress.
As a hospices Aide, I carried video tapes of my favourite I Love Lucy shows. knowing they would bring joy to my patients. The power of laughter.
I remember reading about Miss Ball's sad childhood and how it was the fuel that drove her forth. While many who have lost a parent at an early age, had a step-parent who didn't like them, stern grandparents, have teachers who never thought they would amount to anything, Lucille set out to prove them wrong. Instead of striking out at the world in anger, she taught us to laugh. She taught us not to listen to those who said we couldn't sing, dance, write, paint and make our dreams come true. She taught us to get up and keep going.
Lucille Ball was a trail blazer. Not just as an actress. But as the head of the production company she began with her first husband Desi.

First airing in 1951, one can still find I Love Lucy on TV somewhere in the world. Where it is trying to talk Ricky into letting into his new show or trying to sneak eggs out to the hen house in her jacket past a sleeping Fred, she never failed to left us balled up in laughter.
We watched her handle trials with grace. When her first marriage ended due to Desi's cheating she and Desi remained good friends until his death, never speaking ill of him. She found love again and married Gary Morton.  Her career continued, though shows after that, Lucy's character remained unmarried.
Miss Ball summed up her success in life this way: "getting rid of what was wrong and replacing it with what is right."
Desi summed her up well: "wanna woman!"
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