Sunday, 22 April 2012

Eat The Elephant? Part 2

Boker Tov (good morning):
Behind the old saying,' how does one eat an elephant? one bite at a time,' is the meaning that in order to deal with the impossible, you need to break it down to something you manage, i.e, one bite at a time.
The other thought is "avoiding the elephant in the room."
Despite our best efforts to step around it, avoid it, paint it to match the wallpaper, or pray it goes away, the big guy is still hanging about; eating the dog's food, breaking your favourite easy chair and making a mess.
So can you do if the thought of eating elephant makes you vomit or the landlord is going to charge you an extra $25.00 a month for the your new pet?
Adopt the elephant.
OK, I allow me to get real...
"I thought you were already Reel,"
Yeah, that was cute....back to what I was saying. When life sends us elephants, we must learn how to deal with it.
The first thing is, we have to be honest, who let the elephant in the house in the first place? Who opened the door to it? Who offered Ellie a seat? What were the choices that led the elephant to your door?
 Many times, it isn't life choices, but life itself that sends the beast crashing through our front door. A life threatening illness, an freak accident, lost of a job, a parent, spouse or child dies, crime victim, etc. 
That elephant still has to be dealt with. Whether we chose to eat it, send it back to jungle or adopt it, Ellie Elephant still needs to be dealt with.
No matter what you do, it is still going to create a mess that has to be clean up. It still requires making  decisions, it requires action. If your going to eat it, you still need an elephant gun to take it down. You still prepare it to the point of being consumed.
Sometimes, when we realise this is not our elephant, we send it packing. But we still need to lead it out the door and back to went it belongs. And you still have to clean up the mess it left.
But in some cases, you realise Ellie is your baby and you two need to learn to get along.
And if you think about it, travelling by elephant is a great way to save on gas.

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