Sunday, 10 May 2009

15 Things I Learned From My Mummie

Mama J, Eileen and Elayne

Mama J and her boys; Frank and Mark

When I think of Mother's Day, I often remember how my step-father would take my sister out to buy mummie's plants: Tulips.

They would not only last for two weeks with care, but could be planted and bloom for years.

I remember mummie dropping hints of what she wanted for her special day and cooking for her. I remember when our church would honour the mum's in the congregation. And how we would wear carnations. Eileen and I would wear red because our mum is still with us.

And I remember the tears the first time mummie pinned a white carnation to her blouse the first Mother's Day after Grandmother's passing.

I also remember the lessions she taught me.

While there are over a zillion, I would like to share 15 of them.

1. My mum taught me how to pray.

2. She taught me to read and study the bible.

3. She taught me how to play. Mummie would draw the greatest hop-scotch board and play with my sister and I. She taught us to play jacks and kick ball and even taught me how to colour within the lines. But outside the lines there is space for your own creations.

4. She taught me that a woman of G-d is still a woman. Act like it.

5. A G-dy woman dresses as and acts like a lady. Her appearance should point to G-d and not her body parts.

6.If the shoe don't fix, it ain't your shoe.

7. Get your own house in order before you try to bring order to the world.

8 G-d doesn't have grandchildren.

9. Despite the hell I put her through as a teenager, (Gothic, Occult, Cult, teen mum) she still loved me and prayerfully waited until I came back to my senses. Tough love yes, but also quick to forgive.

10. There is one Holy Spirit and she wasn't He. It wasn't her job to convict us of sin.

11. To ask forgivness of her adult children for her failings and mistakes as a parent.

12. When I am 75 years old, still do puzzles and use crayons.

13 Embrace her daughters husbands as sons, not in-laws.

14. Have the coolest house on the block where your cousins and friends wish to hang out.

15. Remember who's daughter you are. Hers and G-d's.

Love you, Mummie
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