Monday, 11 May 2009

Miss California USA

I have decided to weigh on the drama better known as the Miss California Saga.
First, as a person of faith, it will come to no surprise that I share her views about marriage.
But that isn't my problem.
My problem is Miss Carrie Prejean herself.
First, her answer during the Pageant. True it was nerves. But the part that bothered me about her answer was "in my country, we believe" as if the judges weren't fellow Amercians.
But again, I calk it up on nerves.
My main issue is this: I have several friends who are models and share these same morals and beliefs and not one of them would pose for semi-nude pictures, model lingerie and/or swimwear.
That is left for thier husbands eyes only.
Does that make me a Prude? Ok. It is my maiden name ;)
But someone has failed ot point out to Miss Prejean the following: "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatevere is chasity and of a good report, think on these things." Phil 4:8
Miss Prejean complains she is being attacked for her Christian faith.
Question? Who handed them the stones? Who paraded about on a national stage looking like an Victorian Secret model?
And then there is the matter that she isn't honouring her contract.
One. She ran on the platform of Handicap Children and yet she is now speaking and appearing on another cause. Her contract clearly states Miss Califoria USA cannot make personal appearances, interviews or make commercials without permission from pageant officials.
Two. The semi-nude pictures. According to the contract, Miss Prejean was to inform the pageant
officials if there were any nude, semi- or parttially nude. She did not.
Did not Miss Prejean ever read "let your yes mean yea and your no, no?"
This is a moral and ethical matter.
Miss Prejean complains those pictures are being used to attack her faith.
Miss Prejean, you posed for the pictures. You gave those who wish to burn you at the stake the matches.
Faith is not a private matter. Like an apple tree, the only way you know it is an apple tree is that you see apple blossoms and apples hanging on the tree.
But you can't pass off an dogwood for an apple tree.
I do hope that at some point Miss Prejean will take a moment and look at how her own behaviou has added to the firestorm.
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