Saturday, 2 May 2009

It is close to bed time.
It has been a wonderful day.
We visited a Snygouge with friends today. We had the joy of celebrating with a young man who became Bar Mitzvah, a son of the Torah of Commandment. Often this is the end of religious studies, but today' young ones are being encourged that this is the beginning, not the end of your study of Torah, of G-dness and good deeds.
Sadly it is the sign of the times because there was a security guard in front of the building.
We stopped at Beth Messiah to stop off a CD and end up doing some dancing. And this time it well. I was able to dance without pain or cramping. I knew when to stop and did.
The teacher was pleased to see how graceful mark moved. She had heard good things about Mark and I dancing together and today she got to see us dance together.
we came home, took a long nap and had a lovely evening.
I don't think about when Mark will leave my arms.
Just enjoy the time we have.
Blessings, my friends :)
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