Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Here We Go Again

First, I don't watch the View. Yes, there are two ladies who's views I share somewhat (big surprise) and two I can handle in very small doses.
Today was rich.
I watched the clip where Joy says to Sherri she must teach her child Darwinism or else it is child abuse.
Now, I am sorry I WAS OFFENDED by that remark. I home schooled my son for several years before I had to return to work (and he did great in public school, thank you!) and he did not suffer because he was taught Creationism. It is one of the main reasons many of us who's faith is important to us chose to home school: this way OUR valves and morals are imported.
Like my son, I was exposed to Darwinism in the classroom. Neither he or I embraced the views. If anything, it made me a stronger believer in G-d, the Bible and Creationism.
Joy said all scientist hold to this view.
Wrong! I know several scientist and science teachers who are believe in the Creation story. These same teachers must teach Darwinism and not the other side, other risk losing their jobs. Amoung them, my rabbi and my husband Mark.
Funny: we who religious are often accused of shoving our beliefs down folks throats.
Now we are abusing our children if we teach them only Creationism.
Let's see, that would lead them to reading....Oh my L-rd! The Bible! Or wors Prayer before class begins!
O the horror!!!!!
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