Friday, 15 May 2009

Summer Maybe?

It is a beautiful day in the neigborhood: high 80s.
Could summer not be fall away?
As I as getting ready for PT, a friend called, to see how I was doing.
She also asked if I had picked up my Challah for Sabbath.
I hadn't, so she offered to get me a loaf when she went tothe Bakery.
It is so nice when people care that much.
Last night I watched an old favorite movie, I Remember Mama. I remember so many Mother's Days my mother and I would watch it together. Made in the 1940s, it is indeed a classic that has stood test of time.
It has been many year since I'd seen that movie and last night I realize that the main character shares the same name as my eldest niece.
As they said: "they don't make movie like this anymore."
Mama and Papa love each other. Respectful children of not only their parents, but elders. Parnets who moved for Norway to America, become critzens and work hard to raise their children and teaching age old values and morals. No vulgar languge, no sex scences. No volence.
The kind of movies I love. The kind of books I love to read.
It is a pity one has to reach back into the past to find anything decent.
Unless you write it yourself.
But in a world that celebrates the love story of a teenage girl and 108 year old vampire, where sex sells like MacDonald hamburgers, who would buy it?

I would.
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