Monday, 11 May 2009

Star Trek: The New Movie

Boka Tov (Good Morning)
The weather has once again changed and it almost feels like winter outside (so much for global warming)
I have been reading the past several days on my facebook page the excitment of the new movie, Star Trek.
I am a Trekkie: I love Star Trek (60s) Star Trek the Next Gen and Deep Space Nine. The others I a have to be honest, I didn't care for.
I am, like I wrote Beth, a Purist. I am that person in the movie theather you hate. I'm the one who has read the book, watched the show. And unless Mark is shoving popcorn in my mouth, I am the one behind you shouting:"that's not in the book!" "Hey! that's not how that happen!" etc.
So, out of respect to my fellow Trekkies, I shall wait unitl Mark comes home on Leave to go and see the movie.
Besides, I can't see myself going without him.
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