Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Plain Rude!

I was doing some work on my Laptop witht the Press Briefing on in the background. Not listening, just too lazy to get up and change the channel.
And then I heard it.
A cell-phone ringing.
Someone brought their cell-phone to the Briefing.
How RUDE!!!!!!
I am sorry, but could those who had their cell-phones put them on vibate? The ringing is disrespectful not only to Mr. Gibb, but the other memebers of the press. And the reporter who refused to hand over his phone until the meeting was over and left the room (rightly so) was gray-haired and should have known better.
I agree with Mr. Gibb; I would have taken the phone as well.
Yes, with a husband in the military and ailing parnets, I carry my cell-phone. But if I am in a store and my phone rings, I step out of line. When attending a worship service or a meeting, we put in on vibate.
We have a sign in front of our apartment: please turn off your cell-phone, or put it on vibate. Just as we don't hold phone conversations while we have family or guest, we expect the same respect of our home.
Ok, getting off my Soapbox....
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