Friday, 1 May 2009

Baby Steps

I had posted a few days ago about teaching a dance class.
It well ok. Except that 1. the weather changed from 90s to 50s and 2. with the weather change caused me to cramp.
The bad news: fives minutes into the clas both hamstrings cramped.
The good news: I was able to work the cramps out and while I could not dance, I could talk the dancers through the movements.
It hurted like the devil, but with Mark massaging and my strtetching they did work out.
I am so glad my Therapist said I still needed another month and I listened.
We also brought home Chicken Curry (coconut milk, not cream) and found out it had MSG. I had an reaction that caused my feet to swell five times their size, so I am drinking lots of water and not far from the bathroom. Orders: bedrest, feet up, drink. I am plowing through a book right now, The Shack, which is awful, the only good thing is comparing scripture to the doctrine this book offers (very bad). But it is fiction, though very bad fiction.
But that is my point of view.
If it hadn't been because my mum gave me this book and had high marks for it, I would have tossed.
But it keeps me busy.
Supper is also ready and Mark and I are spending our last few evening together before he leaves.
I refuse to cry.
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