Monday, 11 May 2009

Prayers Please

As many of you know by now, there was a shooting at Camp Liberty today in Iraq.
This strikes close to home. In the militarty, we are indeed family and when one suffers, we all suffer.
Mark and a friend of ours served at Camp Liberty and we have a friend who is still there. Right now, we are waiting about our friend.
This is the first "snap" we have seem. Usually, soldiers and marines have harmed or killed themselves.(which is why there is a stress clinic on Base) Please keep the families of the five soliers who lost their lives in prayer.
As well as the soldier who commited these crimes.
Sadly, however, there are those who will now jump up and say "see! this is why this war needs to end!"
How many Amercians in the the past three months have taken the lives of their families and then turned the weapon upon themselves? Men who have lost their jobs, thier homes or the marriage was ending? None of these men were in Iraq. Do we blame Mr.Obama or Mr. Bush because they couldn't handle the stresses in their lives? How many men utter the words "if I can't have, no one else can" and turns out they mean it.
Outside forces contribute to the build up pressure, but those who commit these crimes feel they have no hope and act out.
It is not a time for blame. But to gather in prayer and love around those who have lost a son or daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, child, spouse, friend.
And parents who just learned their son is a murder.
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