Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Keeping Busy.

Marty: One day, when Mark and I are able to travel the world, A Taste of India in The Netherlands will be on the list.
Beth: I am learning how to do henna. I have three thick books of designs: Turkey, India and Morocco. Many of the pattens you see in clothing and artwork are also henna patterns.
Joan: you are so right. Keeping busy is the best way.
I had a wonderful night sleep last night. I think much of it was pure exhaustion. I did sleep with my feet up on pillows and no swelling this morning.
Even as I sit here at the Laptop, my feet are swollen alittle, but nothing like last week.
Before I went to PT, Mark called. The unit is now together and they are fly out for their new post and tomorrow training begins. He sounds great, but he is lonely.
So am I.
But we are both doing ok.
PT went very well. Ready to use the gold rubber band. It is the toughest.
One of the excises I have is walking up and down the hallway with a large, thick rubber band around my ankles. One of the Techs walk with me to make sure I don't fall or trip. I have gone from red to green. Green to blue. Blue now to black. The black is getting loose, so I may go for the gold next week. It means the leg is much stronger. But I still have a problem with the right hip turning.
That's the next thing to work on.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched an old movie, The Gathering, about the Rapture. Very good.
This afternoon, it will be Arabian Nights. Ten years old, but still one of my favorites. And then a nap before supper.
Hopefully Mark will call before bedtime.
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