Monday, 4 May 2009

Got Starbucks?
Here's Looking at You, Kid....
Warning: Norfolk Inernational Airport's Starbucks has the worse coffee.
Which is even made worse @ 6:30 a.m.
You need a good cup of coffee that early in that early in the morning.
Airports are now at Code Red. So, if you must fly, get to the airport one hour earlier than you would usually plan to. Security has pulled out all the stops.
I have a wonderful friend staying with me. So I'm cool.
But then comes the night.....
I think I still have some Sleepy Time in the cupboard.

We had supper with Mum and Dad Reel yesterday. Roast chicken that melts in your mouth, salad and brown rice. Now I don't really like brown rice, but I love my mother-in-law's.
We have shown our parnets the pictures from the Murder Msytery party.
Everyone thought they were a hoot. Mark's brother Chuck said Mark looked good in black hair.
My mum: "My daughter the Vampire."
Dad Reel just roared with laugher.
It was a wonderful afternoon.
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