Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Boka Tov:
It is amazing who and G-d uses to teach His lessons.
In this case, it is Donald Trump.
Miss Prejean will keep her crown. Donald Trump chose to allow Miss Prejean to keep her crown. While I disagree with his views of the pictures, I do believe the attacks were wrong and hateful. And he could to give this woman a second chance.
I remember many of things I did at six-teen years old and I would not want them made public.
And that is what G-d does in our case. While many are ready and willing to toss us to the corner when we fail, G-d not only forgives, but allows us to pick up the pieces and go on.
There are many who would have loved to see her crown taken.
I didn't. It is my hope that Miss Prejean will not betray the faith of those who defended and supported her and that she will indeed go out to fulfill her duties she promised to support.
And finally, Miss Prejean was asked a question. Whether anyone agrees with her answer, it isn't the issue. Carrie Prejean is an American and in this country we have freedom of speech, a freedom her grandfather, my grandfather, my husband and son fight for her and every Amercian who reads this to excise.
Whether you agree with me or not.
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