Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Rainy Day in Virginia

Boka Tov:
Well, it is a rainy here in Virginia.
I was telling a friend who lives in Isreal how it is now raining once again and while it is great for the flowers, it makes my right hip hurt. Anyone who has any kind of joint pain knows of what I speak of.
My friend gave me something to think about:
"Send the rain here :)"
Funny how the things we complain about, would be a blessing for someone esle.
Another friend told how she missed her husband when he was gone out og town for a week. This was a few weeks ago and Mark was still home. I kept trying to find a way to relate, but couldn't: I could do a week standing on my head. And yet that would have been hurtful and judgemental to my friend. So, I did write her, letting her know I understood how she felt, having gone through a year's deployment with Mark.
Another friend complained about her husband not taking out the trash.
Girlfriend, I truly wanted to say, atleast he's home!
Plus when Mark is home, I don't have to worry: he takes out the trash without me having to say a word.
So, now instead of complaining about the rain, I have set a bucket outside to catch rainwater (great for my roses) and pray for my friends who live in Isreal, for the rain to come and nuture the land.
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