Thursday, 24 May 2012

Are We Living Our Truth?

I saw this on facebook today:
Somethings we are so quick to throw scripture about, we forget the words before and after those verses. While the verse quoted is corrected, just a chapter over, we are told that tattoos is forbidden as well.
"Well, that's the Old Testament,  that verse about tattoos it doesn't apply today..."
And when did that change?
Now this doesn't mean my views on the subject has changed. I am, however a firm believer that G_D over looks one His word says is forbidden and yet turns an blind eye to others.l along.
G_D hates sin, but not sinner.
Did you notice I didn't add "the"?
Yes, Leviticus forbids homosexuality. But same book also forbids incest, fornication and adultery. We are told not to eat swine or shellfish, or to wear clothing made of linen-wool blend. How many keep the Sabbath on Sunday and not the Day that is commanded, Saturday.
Rabbi Saul summed this up rather nicely: "You, then who teach your fellow man, do you refuse to teach yourself? You who cry out against stealing, are you yourself a thief? You preach against adultery, do you commit adultery?
We who claim to Walk in the Ways of G_D, must take care that we are not only preaching about the Truth of Torah, but actually know Torah and Live that Truth.
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