Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Golden Hershey's Kiss at Heaven's Gate

Boker Tov;
A few days ago, a friend of mine's mother passed away. Patrice's mum knew her time on this good earth was coming to a close and was looking forward to seeing face to face the One she so adored.
Grand-daughter Shannon said she could picture her grandmother running into heaven and "someone handing her a golden Hershey kiss as she passed thu the gates!"
What a lovely thought, that at there is someone, maybe an welcoming angel, standing at the Gates, giving each person an golden Hershey kiss.

I have many friends and family with various beliefs.
Some do not believe in the afterlife at all. They believe that this life is all there is. When we die, our bodies return to the dust and we live on only in the memories of others and deeds done here on earth, where for good or for evil. This means Lucille Ball and Bin Laden share the fate as the monkey and the ant. That those who hold to heaven and angels, hold to a lovely dream, a fairy tale. But that's all that they are; a dream, a fairy tale.
Others believe in Soul Sleep. This means we are soul and body and when we die, we just "go to sleep" our soul is in hell, since hell is really not more than the grave shared by all mankind. On Judgement Day, all souls shall stand before G_D. The righteous shall enter heaven, the wicked destroyed in the Fire, never to be thought of again, as if they never existed.
Still others believe that when a woman dies, it is her husband or if she died single, her father, that after G_D raises him, calls his wife soul forth. This means a woman's salvation rest not in G_D, but the man in her life (belief held by LDS and Islam)
Others belief that this life isn't it, but we come back again and again and again. Somethings we come back as Indian Princesses and other times as toads.
But many, believe that this life isn't it. That we are meant to return to our Creator. That there is indeed a Heaven for the righteous and a Hell for the wicked.
This is the belief as a Hebrew Believer I hold. I believe that because I am a righteous woman, a g-d feared and Torah Observant, because of my belief and acceptance of Messiah that when my eyes close in death, I shall open them and behold the Face of my Creator.
Like the little boy Cotton  Burpo, who wrote the book, Heaven is for Real, I do believe Heaven is a real place for real people.
But like one of my grandmother Callie's favourite songs, "not everyone talkin' about is going there."
And many don't want to. G_D will not take anyone to Himself any who do not wish to go. Nor will He send anyone to Hell. If you give yourself to evil, then you will go the way of your soul.
For me, part of clinging to my guns and religion is holding onto heaven. Just knowing I shall see loved ones long gone as well as behold the very Face of the One Who created me, placed His breath, His spirit in me, the One Who has guarded and guided me all my life, even now makes me smile and brings tears to my eyes. This is The One Patrice's mother is now beholding. The One my friend and Wayne's wife Lana is now beholding.
Right now, I picture the golden Hershey kisses.
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