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Hijab, Snood and Cute Hats

This entry is in response to Rebeca Dion's wishing to know more about the Hijab.

Hijab means:  headscarf or headcovering in Arabic. While by many religious women, but known by other names, the hijab is known for being worn by Muslim women, usually married, but in many cultures by all women over the age of 13. Many more traditional women including a veil that covers the face except for the eyes.
The practice donning of the hijab among Muslim women is based on religious doctrine, though the Koran doesn't command it.
The wearing of the hijab comes from the Hadith of Sahih Bukhari.
 The Hadith, the "tradition of Mohammed," reveals the teachings of the prophet to believers. Bukhari's version of this text is generally regarded as the standard one, although numerous versions exist. In a very broad sense, the relation the Hadith has to the Koran resembles the New Testament's to the Old in Christian scriptures.
According to the Hadith, "My lord agreed with me ('Umar) in three things... (2) And as regards the veiling of women, I said 'O allah's apostle! I wish you ordered your wives to cover themselves from the men because good and bad ones talk to them.' So the verse of the veiling of the women was revealled" (Bukhari, v1, bk 8, sunnah 395).

The purpose of the headcovering is not to oppress women, but to protect their honour, an act of modestly.
The hijab is now known as not only the headscarf, but the whole of Islamic dress for all females. It is said that a woman who wears the the hijab will not wear tight clothing. But it isn't just Muslim women donning the hijab. Many black Hebrews and Christians women don the hijab as well, since the dress reminds them of our fore mothers, such as Sarah, Rebeca and Leah and Rachel. Of motherland Africa and Israel.

So why is a nice Jewish girl like me covering my hair, looking like a Muslim and causing mass confusion?
Like our Muslim sisters, Hebrew women have always covered their hair. Many a Hebrew bride even today is adored in such finerly as this lovely Jewish woman on her wedding day. Proverbs 31 speaks of us as clothed in strength and honour. Dressing our household in fine linen.
For the same reason, not to be seen as a single or loose woman, we covered our hair with covering that are very similar to the hijab of today. Our beauty, then as now is kept for the eyes of our husbands.
Growing up in a church home, my sister and I wore hats to church. Something I still do when going out to a worship service or running errands. We wore fine hats because we were going to enter the Presence of the King of the Universe, we wore hats to show our respect, to humble ourselves before Him.
Many religious groups, like the Amish, cover their hair, for the same reason. Plain and simple, to avoil vanity and keep ones focus on G_D and the duties at hand. For most, not all, our various head coverings are an outward sign of an internal, heart committed to our faith.

Because like so many of my sisters, whether, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Amish,  etc.I cover myself for my husband's eyes only. So that no man approaches me, thinking I am single and seek out my company.
I wear the headscarf  because as a righteous woman, I am Set Apart. I am Set Apart as a woman of G_D and as a wife. When I cover my head, I feel the Presence of the Holy One. Like my wedding band, the colourful that covers my hair tells all I am not just anyone. I am a daughter of the Most High and there is a measure of respect that comes with that.
 I cover my hair and my body so that you are drawn to my face and talk to me and not to my breast. So that when I stand up to leave, one is impressed by my mind and not how long my legs are.
I love the both the snood and the hijab, because there is an elegance that comes from both. Such beauty. Such class. We actually look like ladies. Men stand in our presence and hold out chairs. They open doors and offer us their seat. While many men would deem us high maintains, secretly these same men whisper to Mark, "I wish my wife carried herself like Laini."
I cover myself, head to toe, because my husband looks the way I love. I never get tired of hearing, "baby, you look goooood!"

Does this mean every woman who covers herself is modest or holy? No. Many do so because they are required to cover themselves by the laws of their country or because of the rule of their. Many a young woman leaves her Amish, Jewish, Christian or Muslim home, dropping their bibles, prayer books, prayer shawls and prayer caps as they walk out the front door. Nor am I saying that women who wears jeans, mini-skirts and don't cover their hair are on their way to hell.
Like anything, this is a matter of choice.
For me, it is a beautiful choice.
Next post; why all the fuss about women who cover their hair????
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