Sunday, 27 May 2012


Today is Shavuot. On this day, we remember the roaring thunder off Mount Sinai, where the L-rd came us, the Hebrew people the Torah, the day we entered into the Everlasting Covenant.
It is said on that day of Thunder and Fire, each Hebrew who has ever been born or shall be, stood on that very mountain and accepted the Torah for him or her self. Each of us continue to chose whether we shall walk in His ways or no.
On this day, we also read the Book of Ruth. The events of the Book of Ruth surround the time of Shavuot. On during this time, a young widow, Ruth, decides to enter into covenant, not only with her mother-in-law, Naomi, but with Naomi's people and her G_D. Ruth left her all she knew to enter into Covenant with the G_D she had come to love.
Not knowing what her new life held, Ruth took care of her mother, working the fields as a heaper, until she caught the eye of Boaz, the richest man in town.
Sounds like a romance novel, doesn't it? But it is. Just as Boaz fell and love and later married Ruth, G_D loves each of us and reaches His Hand out to all.
Ruth could have stayed behind with her own people, remarried and maybe even had children. But she went instead, to on to take care of her dead husband's mother and herself. She could have said not to marrying Boaz, but she didn't.
And because of the choices she made, she began the great-grandmother of King David, from who's line, Messiah comes.
We as a people chose G_D and His Torah, and we are to take Her to all that will receive her. We do not force Torah  on anyone by the point of the sword or threatening they will burn in hell. Nor do we make the promise that one's life will suddenly be void of problems, pain and heartache; there are no unicorns to fly one away to the castle in the clouds.
Just the promise that The Holy One will be with you through the journey from here to heaven and forever.
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