Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mark's views on Shabbat

The Shabbat is one of the Decalogue (The 10 Words, or The 10 Commandments). Sure, that gives us the reason we celebrate, but personally, I think ALL believers in the Messiah (both Gentile and Jew) should celebrate Shabbat.
When I am deployed, I am on duty 24/7. I am constantly working, meeting this or that deadline; getting ready for this or that briefing; the days seem to run together; monotony sets in ... but then that magical time approaches, The Shabbat. When I was in Afghanistan, we really celebrated Shabbat!
CPT Fastow would break free from her work for a few precious hours to prepare Challah. What made it more eventful is that it turned into an international affair. CPT Fastow learned there was a Jewish Soldier, serving in the Czech Army. This Soldier would help her in preparing the Challah. As that magical time approached, I broke free from work and joined them. We lit the Shabbat Candles, had a service, and then delved into CPT Fastow's Challah. But the most memorable part actually occurred after the service. It turned out several of the Soldiers and officers also had a taste for Challah. As my mind returns to that time, I remember SFC Cahill, walking through the S9 Section calling out, "Challah! It's Challah time!" Before we knew it, the conference room overflowed with people, all there to sample the wonderful delights of Challah and wine. What a wonderful tradition that was; ahhh, those were the times! Now I am home, but Shabbat still maintains its wonderful magic in my eyes. Now it is my Beloved, not CPT Fastow, who ushers in Queen Shabbat.  I will write more in a follow up blog.

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