Friday, 18 May 2012

Monti Does YNOT Pizza

We had the joy of having big brother Sam this morning. He's been in town for some training and he was on his way back home when he stopped to spend a few hours with us.
Because he couldn't stay for supper as we had planned, he offered to treat us to lunch, asking if there was someplace where we could bring Monti with us.
Mark suggested YNOT pizza since, like many of the restaurants in Ghent have outside eating places. We love YNOT Pizza, not that it is within walking distance, but that it has the best Italian cuisine in Tidewater.
It was a beautiful day for sitting outside and enjoying an Italian meal with a friend. After a week of being beaten up, its nice to sit and talk, even laugh with a friend, a good friend who's been there you for ten years.
Frankly, I prefer YNOT to Olive Garden; not that it is cheaper in price, but the portions are huge and their food is just plain good. I end up bringing most of my meal home.
At one point, to distract Monti from a approaching Pitbull, Mark held him while I fed Monti chicken jerky. The dry meat treats breaks Monti's attention and thus no reaction to the other dog crossing into Mont's space. Once calm, Monti went back to sitting under my feet, enjoying the sun.

I suggested to Sam the white spinach and tomato pizza and small Greek salad, which he went for.
Looks good :)
We sat and enjoyed our meal, Monti tickling each of us with the running of his fur on our legs. We talked about many things; Mark's job search, Monti's training, my depression, the project Sam wishes me to work on. We spoke of the Trayvon Martin case. Sam told us about riding one night with his neighbourhood watch, sharing what the teams can and cannot do. We spoke Mr. Romny and about Sam's eldest child, a daughter, being home from collage.
And it was good for Mark to have another guy to talk to. And it was good for me to get out and not worry about the bills and such for a few hours.
So shabbat supper shall be leftover chicken cacciatore, some reading of scripture and an early night sleep.
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