Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On The First of May

Real Heroes don't brag.
Boker Tov (Good Morning)
A year ago today the world changed.
Mark and I were up, shutting down laptops when the news broke about the death of Bin Laden.
A son, a husband, father and grandfather.
A murder.
His death was ten years in the making, under two Presidents and the hard work of many, including our brave troops.
Under Mr. Bush's watch, the ground work was laid, the gun loaded, cocked and placed in the hands of Mr. Obama to put the rigger.
Something any President would have done.
But the real heroes of that fateful day were the Navy Seals Team Six, based in here in Virginia.

 It was they that carried out the rallied that took out Bin Laden. The real heroes are our brave men and women who are still engaged in the War of Terror.
On this, the first day of May, I say thank you to Navy Team Six and to all our troops. Thank you for your service.
Job well done.
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