Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Right to Love Whom We Wish

Marriage is a Civil Right. All Americans should be able to marry who ever they wish and receive the protections and benefits there of.
America is not a Theocracy. Never has been. We who have embraced the Word of G_D and live by its percepts, are also expected to live by and obey the laws of this nation or any country we live in. The scriptures tells we are to obey our government officials, except when it conflicts with the Word and Will of G_D. This is why in countries such as Iran and China where our faith is illegal, we meet in secret to practice our faith and will not submit to an abortion willingly because we already have one child. This is why I would marry Mark if it was still illegal for us as a interracial couple to wed. I would willingly face the consequences, including knowing our children would be considered bastards, that I would not be added to Mark's health insurance, that Mark's family could stop me from seeing him in hospital, that Mark would receive nothing from my estate. Unless we moved to another state or country, our lives would be a living hell.
And there are millions of Amercian couples who are going through that right now. Because our law reads that marriage is between one man and one woman, we have fellow Americans who do have the right to love as they wish.
America is not a Theocracy. It is not the Kingdom of G_D here on earth. Neither Mr. Bush or Mr. Obama are the Messiah. We who are righteous must remember others have the right to live their lives as they see fit.
While my reasons for not supporting same-sex marriage are on a moral statue, just as there are concerning for abortion, I don't believe the government has a place in our lives or our bedrooms.
So, allow me for a few moments to play Devil's Advocate......
After all, they are Americans and should be afforded the right to marry those they love as well.
Why put a limit on how many partners you can take as a spouse?
Why make them chose? I am not making light of the subject. If this man truly loves all three women and they have no problem with sharing their husband, who are we to judge? How can I, black woman married to a white man, deny such happiness to this foursome.
Look how happy they are? And you know the children will be cared for and loved. This is part of their religion. We have the freedom to practice our faith in this nation, correct?
Again, I hope no one will get angry. This is my response to the gentleman who me send an article entitled,  Explaining Gay Marriage to an Idiot.
I understand better than you think.

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