Monday, 21 May 2012

Fresh Cut

Usually, I don't show my hair (modestly, you know) but today I decided to take off my hijab for a moment.
Due to the stress and depression, my hair has taken a beating. My lamb's locks were actually locking (a look I do not like). Despite the vitamins, the olive oil, coco butter, and coconut oil, the sheen was gone. My hair was dry and the ends were breaking.
And since we cannot afford for me to go to the hair dressers, I took things into my own hands.
Sunday, after another deep conditioning (and while Mark was gone) I dividend my hair into six sections and then cut each braid about four inches. Praying the whole time.....
A few hours later, Mark came home and we talked for a few minutes. I asked if he noticed anything different.
Mark said: "yes, you conditioned your hair, it really looks nice..." then he took a closer look..."it's looks shorter..."
And then..."you cut you hair. It looks great. You look so sassy!"
Yeah, he likes it.
So now you see my auburn woolly mane, now with wisps of silver.
And for the record, my husband has informed me this is the last time I may cut my hair.
He likes it long.
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