Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Shabbat; Unplug

Shabbat is Hebrew for: rest, to rest, to stop your labours.
To me, one of the traditions held by many Hebrews today, is the perfect picture of what Shabbat means in our world today.
Unplug. To disconnect from its source. For six days, Sunday to Friday, we are 'plugged' into this world. Work (for those who have jobs) or looking for work, school work, end lines, reports, shopping, caring for the home, the family, the pets, bills, ringing phones both cell and landlines. Our senses are over loaded with cable news and computers where now we can truly reach out ans touch someone around the world.
By the sixth day Friday, our bodies, souls and spirits are fried.
And for those who keep the Holy Shabbat, Shabbat is the welcoming haven we run to. We turn off of electrical devises for twenty-four hours. Many actually 'unplug' TVs, radios, computers so that they aren't even tempted to use them. We unplug from the world and enter into Shabbat, into rest. With no phones ringing, no announces "you got mail!" no Fox News or CNN, our bodies, souls and spirits actually get to rest.
For twenty-four hours, we get to play with our children and love our spouses in an unhurried fashion.
We gather with family and friends for Torah services, festival meals, to study Torah.
And that sweetest treat of all; the Shabbat nap.
Ahhh :)
Shabbat. The time we unplug from the world and all its madness and plug into G_D and all His goodness.
Oh taste and see that the L_rd is Good.
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