Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What Does a Muslim Look Like?

First, I am not a Muslim. Nor is my husband. Though we have been accused of being so, even closet Muslims, we are not.
Like many of our Sephardi brothers and sisters, we are often mistaken as Muslims because of the kipper (kapp) and the matter many Sephardi women cover their hair. We do have Muslims friends who we do enjoy fellowship, but there is a difference, a clean difference in what we believe.
Mark and I both often hear: "you look Muslim."
I counter: "what does a Muslim look like?'
Would you really know if your child's teacher or classmate, someone you work with or an actress who's work you enjoy is of the Islamic faith?
How quick we are to label someone because they "look different" than us?
Let's be honest, shall we? No matter how you wear a scrave, someone is going to whisper in your ear (or loudly in someone else's ear, so you get the message) "you look like a Muslim. Which is worse than your slip showing or being fat. It is coded for "you are a walking bomb and about to blow us all to Kingdom Come." You look like "one of them and not like one of us." You don't look like a Jew/Christian. You don't like an American.
And what does an American look like?

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