Thursday, 10 May 2012

Shabbat; The Holy Hush


The beauty of my relationship with Mark is that is has always centred around our faith. A huge part of this was celebrating Shabbat together.
I taught Mark how to keep Shabbat as a single man. But until he was deployed, did he celebrate alone. Whether it was at my apartment or his, we would bring in Shabbat together and then attend the evening service.
We even wrote our own Shabbat Siddur (Jewish prayer book) with our own little touches. A Siddur we still use.

So when we began engaged, Mark and I had already pretty much knew the kind of home we would have; a Jewish home.
For Mark and I, being Torah Observers more than keeping an ancient religion. It is a way off life steeped with Torah and tradition. 
And we knew that the highlight of our week would be Shabbat.
I remember those early days. Cleaning the house together, planning the meal, the guest list and then came the day itself.
Still with joyful busyness: the scent of baking Challah, candles being lit around the apartment. The table being the set, the wine chilling.
Sometimes we had guest, sometimes we did not. Either way, the evening was as sweet as the Challah and the wine.
The only light Friday evening is the light from candles. There is a holy glow that fills the home and our being.
From somewhere in the house, a soft breeze begins to blow. Coming from the Garden of Eden herself.
We smile at each other. It is once again our wedding night.
Tonight there is no TV or laptops. No telephones ringing and Monti is fed.
Mark takes my hand....
One of the mitzah of Shabbat, one of the traditions of Shabbat,  is rejoicing in one's wife. Our sages say that when a man loves his wife, he fufilled the whole of Torah. We are encouraged to "woohoo!" on Shabbat
There is a Holy Hush all over the world, as Jewish couples fall in love again....
Oh taste and sees the L-rd is Good.
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