Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Valley of Dry Bones

Miracle: is a phenomenon not fully explained by known laws of nature or an act by some supernatural entity, known or unknown, outside force. Some scientist-theologians suggest that miracles are not violations of the laws of nature but "exploration of a new regime of physical experience. Others perceive the act as coincidence. Religious often refer to this as Divine Providence.
Divine Providence: G_d is directing, even recreating every minute detail of creation. This is the underpinning of the Orthodox believer's world view, particularly as regards questions of interaction with the natural world.

Boker Tov:
Yesterday, I wrote about waking with a sense of joy and wonder. This morning, the feeling wasn't as intense, but still there.
I believe this feeling, this slow change in my emotions is due largely in part to a miracle I have witness unfold the past five and a half months.
I have a friend, one I have written about a few years ago who had been quite sick. Mark and I took him in and nursed him back to health.
Sadly, his health went south again and this past January, once again we watched as my friend David battled another serious illness, this time, Mastitis. Today mastoiditis is easy to treat and rarely serious, but in David's case, it was. And given his other health problems, this made treating  him more difficult. David was in hospital for weeks, receiving antibiotics by IV. He was also on a feeding tube. The doctors and nurses worked overtime to restore David's health.
Many times I stood at David's bed, asking G_D: "can these bones rise up and live again?" I knew G_D could bring him back.
But it would be a miracle.
A few months back, David heard of someone who lost his home, needing a place to stay. David agreed to allowed this gentleman to stay in his apartment for a few weeks. His new room-mate and his girlfriend got David's apartment cleanup and ready for David's return.
David's health improved enough that he was released from Rehab Saturday. David's doctor didn't think this was a good idea, that David wasn't really strong enough to be released. But doctor was over-ruled.
So, Saturday morning, Mark and I picked David up and took him back to his apartment. He walked out, with a new cane and socking feet, no shoes. Not even bedroom slippers.
I hide both my anger and my tears.
Rick was at the apartment, waiting for our arrival. Rick's girlfriend, Bonnie was there as well, making for a warm welcome. I had suggested to both Rick and David that Rick be added to David's lease. This would work out well for both of them; Rick would have a place to live and David would not be alone.
I wrote on facebook that David was back home and at least one person I know where to bring David a meal Sunday.
A month ago, David was on a feeding tube.
Given how sick David was even a month ago, it is a miracle that David is even alive. G_D isn't ready for him yet.
Seeing what G_D did for David, renews my hope, my faith that G_D shall move through our lives the same way. Our financial looks dire. It looks like we could lose everything.
But as I watched David slowly walk up the steps back to the apartment he himself didn't think he would ever return to, I have renewed home.
I look around home, at a empty checking account and ask "can these bones live again?"
Yes, they can.
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