Friday, 10 April 2009

The 3nd Day of Unleaven Bread

Boka Tov:
I love this time of year.
Can't you tell :)
First, to Betty, Beth and Marty; thank you for your good wishes as we celebrate. We add your names to those we ask G-d's blessings for.
Last night was fun. We shared it with our friends Howard and Melissa who's wedding we helped host last year. This was their first Passover as a family and we were honoured to share it with them.
I'd share more when I wake up.
This is often call Passover season, when it is really two hoildays. The first night is Peach, Passover, the night the L-rd saw the lamb's blood and "Passover the homes of the Hebrews." The next seven days are the Feast of Unleaven bread. And for the next seven days we don't eat anything that comtains leavens.
Lots of matzoh.
But this can also be a very healthy times. We make lots of salads, salmon, and of course (if the weather permits) a great time to fire up the grill and roast salmon, chicken, lamb and even goat.
This is the time I start making Moroccan ice tea since the sun is warmer and out longer. This morning we had a breakfast of eggs, cheese and the sweetest strawberries this side of heaven.
Melons are good now too.
Tonight is another seder and this time it will be in our home.
So, now, back to my kitchen I go, its air still scented with roasted lamb from last night.
Oh I love Passover.
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