Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chag Peach Samech!

Which means" Happy PassOver;

I am taking a break as we prepare to go to friends for a PassOver Sedar.
The lamb is roasting, matzo balls are doing their thing, green beans with almonds, done and when the matza balls are finish, I'll work on the collard greens.
Hey....we live in the south. Yes, it isn't what Yeshua would have eaten; but it is green.

The table is set for our guest tomorrow.
Mark has pull out his High Holy Days clothes and I am about to do the same.
It is a wonderful, holy time, a time we reflect upon all G-d has done.
We left the land that held us slaves quickly and in haste. Tonight we will reflect upon that freedom and eat our meal in ease and in peace.
But as I prepare, I am aware that many of our people are not going to enjoy this meal in peace.
Jewish servicemen and woman have partaken the Passover in wartore land, lands they are trying to bring the same peace and freedom we enjoy here. There are Jews who must celebrate in secret, who have as leaders who would love to see every Jewish man, woman and child removed from the face of the earth.
One day we shall partake of the Passover in world-wide peace; when the Messiah returns.
But until that day, we shall still enjoy in the love of G-d.
For whenever our enemie try to destroy us; it is they that end up thrown into the Sea.
Sadly, those who do not learn from the past, are condemn to repeat it.
Have blessed Passover (Baruch Ha Ba Bashem Adonai LaShanna Ha Ba Yerusalyim) Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD, Next year in Jerusalem with our Messiah!!
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