Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Totally Tubular 80's Mystery Party

Polly Abdool hosted a totally tubular album release party for her friend, Debbie Gribson. Debbie Gribson was a top international pop idol and was scheduled to release her new album soon, Eclectic Youth, along with a new fragrance line of the same name! The celebrity guests hit the scene in outrageous '80s fashion and enjoyed a relaxing appetizer hour full of challenging '80s trivia and '80s dance contests. With the exception of a few scuffles between catty guests, the party was totally radical!
Polly got the party rolling by serving a delicious meal as she hosted an entertaining '80s movie trivia challenge. The great food mixed with fun challenges got the guests into an enjoyable, competitive state of mind. The guest include the Prince of Darkness, Nozzy Nosbourn, retired Rocker and now a Vampire Bat Farmer.
And that icon of the 80s, hostness of the Famed TV Horror Show, the Diva of the Darkness and Nozzy's beloved dark lady, El Vampira.
Then, the party guests were totally 'grossed out to the max' when somebody was murdered! To minimize negative
media attention, the guests avoided calling the police immediately so they could figure out
whodunit! So the frantic murder investigation ensued. Following intense interrogations and analyses, each guest submitted their final guesses of whodunit to Polly. The guests accused
who they believed the murderer was other over a delectable dessert. Finally, seeing no other option... the murderer confessed!
While waiting on the police to arrive, the guests overtook a hilarious '80s charade challenge followed by a few other ‘80s-worthy games to cap off the night's excitement. And no one got bit.
Such a shame.
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