Sunday, 19 April 2009

But it Did Not Ruin Our Day

It is a sad reality. In this wonderful country of ours, we still have people who feel they have the right to attack others because of race and/religion.
On April 19, Shabbat, Mark and I visited Temple Isreal and were shocked to see the glass doors covered with stickers. They read: F* Jews. All had the offence gesture of the middle finger and in some they used the imagine of Yeshua with his finger us. All saying the same thing.
Needing to drop something off our place of worship, we found security sitting outside, the door had been covered also with the same stickers. The police had just left and there was a sign tp not touch to touch the stickers since they were being dusted for prints.
We live in the arena hardest hit. There were not only stickers addressing Jews, but blacks and one against gays. These were found on street signs.
I shook my head sadly, but we have chosen not to react in hatred or fear. For then the vandels win.
True believers would ever used an imagine so dear to so many as a sign of hate. Yeshua Himself was a Jew. And just because thugs use the imagine of Yeshua doesn't mean they are Christians. No more than Hilter was.
Just as I would not white wash all people of faith with these persons actions, I would not do that to whites because the stickers were aimed at blacks too.
No, these were the acts of sick minds and I thank G-d no one was hurt.
I pray that they are caught and punished as the law allows. But I also pray for their souls.
Just as the Real Yeshua would.
No, we did not allow this to ruin our day. We had lunch with new friends we met at temple Isreal. We caught up with friends we hadn't seen in awhile, came home and took naps and then Mark opened another of his birthday gifts.
Pictures of the evening to follow.
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