Monday, 20 April 2009

Moving On

My heart goes out to you and Mark and all of those affected by this. Please take some comfort in knowing that these people are in the minority, and the vast majority of us find their acts abhorrent.
Much love and big hugs, Beth

you are absolutely right; Jesus would have prayed for them and forgave them; we can only hope they will come to know our risen Lord and put their hope in him for without him, they have no hope again, I'm so sorry for this atrocity to have happened :(betty

Boka Tov:
The above just amoung the words of support we have recieved since yesterday's blog entry. Such things will not change until the Messiah returns. But until then, it is people of faith and good will that will lessed these atrocities. As I wrote Beth yesterday; such thugs don't remain silent. They tend to brag about their handy work and more often than not, will brag to the wrong someone and thrus get bursted.
Plus several of the places hit had security camerias. The police are hoping to get good pictures.
Yesterday afternoon, our friends Debbie and Sturat took Mark and I out to Starbucks for Mark's birthday and as always, we had a wonderful time. We made plans to go to an India Feastival next Sunday and then out for supper.
The weather is been great the past three days, but about 5p.m. the temps began to drop.
We had Pizza last night and for the very first time, the Pizza did not set well with me. Great Pizza, but heartburn followed.
I had to pop Tums, but it was worth it. :)
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