Monday, 6 April 2009

A Real Man

I'd heard bits and pieces about Levi Johnston's interview about he and Bristol. After reading about the interview on Beth's Blog ( Nutwood Juction) I decided to throw my two cent in. I agree with Beth; the whole thing is sad.
Sad that Levi Johnston would shame himself, his family, his child and yes, even the Palin family in that matter. For his interview was a revealer of his charater.
And Bristrol is well rid of him.
I have no daughters, just a son.
And if my son treated Sarah Palin's daughter or any girl the way Levi Johnston treated Bristol, I would have kicked his butt from one end of this country to the other. I raised my son to treat a woman with honour, respect and dignaty. That he was a human being, not a dog in heat and don't go about treating women like KFC legs, breasts anf thighs. A woman is the highest of G-d's creation and not your personal plaything.
I don't care what today's morals are: there is a way that man, a real man, not a male, treats a woman. And going about to TV Shows to relate how he "slept with and her mum knew," is just plain wrong and no one's busniess. Even if it is true. A male will bragg about the woman(women0 he has laid with. A gentleman is more discreet. Today young women are sending nake pictures of themselves to their boyfriends and their boyfriends show them around to their friends. Myabe it is me and my 1950's values.
Sorry, but if you have any self-respect, you don't pose like that in the first place and if he loved you, no one esle would see those pictures. Or the guys who video tape their private moments and then when there is a breakup, it become public fair.
Funny, how Mark and I got called religious fools because we chose to wait until our wedding night. Interesting how I never have to worry about pictures or videos popping up because of I chose to keep my skirt down. Hmmm, who's laughing now?
Bristol, and all the other Bristols out there: waiting is worth it. You make your mistake and sadly there are people out there who wouldn't let you forget it. Keep your head up, finish school and one day, when the time is right, G-d will bring the right man of His choicing; not a boy, not a male, not a dog or pig walking on two legs, but a real man worthy of the treasure you are.
But first you must treasure yourself.
Just swear off the Pork and you'll be fine.
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