Monday, 27 April 2009

The Holocaust

Natalie asked the following ...
dear Elayne and Mark,what an extraordinarycomment!I think it is very appropo of the President's comments on the UN's meeting about racism.he said that the holocaust never happened for the upteenth time andhe said that Israel should be prosecuted in international courts for lying about the holocaust. Did you see this? and would you please talk about it if only to calm me down?


To Natalie: There are people today who do not believe the Holocaust ever occured. But there are many, many witnesses; living witnesses.
Having worked for Jewish Family Services as a Nurse's Aide, I have seen the arms with the numbers burned into fresh. I have seen sweaters with yellow Stars of David. I have held elderly men and women as they told me their story. In 2004, Mark visited one of the former camps and has pictures.
Kowing what the U.N. meeting was about, no we did not feel the need to watch. Our rabbi lost half his family in those camps.
The President of Iran is a mad-man, full of hate and frankly a liar. He wishes to be the next Hitler, turning the world against the Jewish people. He will not rest until every Jewish man, woman and child is driven into the sea and then he will come after America.
But he forgets his history: every hand that has ever been raised agaisnt Isreal has been destroyed.
And therefore, I don't lose any sleep over it.
Though it does bother me that our President wishes to meet with this mad-man.
We pray for our President and leave it at that.
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