Tuesday, 7 April 2009

President Obama's Suprise Visit to Iraq (My Thoughts)

Hello everyone; this is Mark here.
I know it has been a while since I'd written. And since Laini is tired of me making my statements forcely (I, Laini call it yelling the TV) she graciouly in her own sweet way, told me to "put up or shut up", I have decided to add a few of my thoughts.
I have been watching the press coverage of President Obama's first official trip as President to Europe, Eastern Europe, and Turkey. After, his visit to Turkey, he pulled a suprise visit to Camp Victory in Iraq, and while there, he spoke to approximately 500 servicemembers at Camp Victory. During his speech, he commented that the Servicemembers there had done a marvelous job and promised to beef up the Veteran's Administration so that they "would not have to fight to get the support at home." At first, these comments seem laudible, yet as an Army Officer who served three tours in Iraq and is now preparing to serve a tour in Afghanistan, I have many mixed emotions about his comments and his commitment to the US Servicemembers.
I remember his comments he made while as a Senator and also while he was running for the Presidency. For those who do not remember, he said that US Servicemen were bombing villages and killing innocent people with their bombs and missiles. I believe he also said that they were murdering innocent people, terrorizing them during their "midnight raids," and raping women in Iraq and Afghanistan. From that time until now, I have not heard him either retract or apologize for making these remarks despite his recent statements of support. Since I was serving in Iraq at that time, his comments would have lumped me in with the few who did do these dispicable acts. Sadly, President Obama made the same mistake that so Americans have made by broad brushing all Servicemen with those few who really did commit these crimes. As much as I really would like to believe that our President is firmly behind our Servicemembers, because of his earlier statements, little since he was elected as President gives me confidence that this is true. Right now, I will take a "wait and see" attitude.
Of course this is just one Servicemember's opinion.
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