Monday, 27 April 2009

Catching Up :)

Shalom Y'all :)
It has been crazy around here.
After Passover, Mark's birthday.
After Mark's birthday, another birthday party to get ready for.
I am including the link from fcebook which has the rest of the pictures celebrating Mark's birthday. How it works :)
Anyway, we have recovered from a very busy weekend and now cleaning our apartment. The next big thing is preparing for the upcoming deployment. Because of the increased danger, there isn't alot I can share. But i am thankful for all of the friends who hold us close to their hearts and keep us in their prayers.
Update: as many remember, several Snyagogues got hit with racism and anti-semtic messages. One security cameria caught a full face shot of one of the men involved. We believe arrest are coming soon. As soon as I hear anything, we will let you know.
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