Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bed Time

As you all know, I usually don't write this last. But I need to write so that my brain will catch up with my tired body.
Tonight ended the Feast of Unleaven Bread. Funny, I told Mark I was sad to see it end. It has been an awesome time; both physical and spiritual.
And so as I type this I am enjoying a Mocha Latte. Hey: I am still human :) I did miss Starbucks :)
Tonight was the second night of Mark's birthday and part of his gift was a concert by a friend of ours. Dr. Klein is a Professor of Music at ODU and one of her students, another friend were both conducting. A wonderful concert and I got great pictures.
There are also the pictures of Mark's birthday. Again I have pictures.
But we are both very tired and the Sandman callth.
So, good night and sweet dreams.
Hopefully, pictures tomorrow.
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