Thursday, 2 April 2009

A Yankee in the Queen's Court

Like many, I have been following the news about Mr.Obama's first trip to England.
Yes, the British for the most part love him.
Even the Royals.
Since this was not an 'Offical Visit' to see the Queen, she did not have to recieve the Obamas. But Her Majesty broke with tradition and recieved the President and the First Lady.
Clearly, Her Majesty was interested in meeting this young man.
And of course, there were those who watched, hoping to catch Mr. or Mrs, Obama in a slip up. Like they would have remained cool, calm and collected in the Royal Presence.
As the First Lady it was right and proper for Mrs. Obama not to curtsy to the Queen as you or I might have, since her husband is head of state. Though I did see Mr.Obama bow his head in respect.
Nicely done.
Yes, is wasn't proper for Mrs. Obama to touch The Queen. But those who flew into an uproar fail to notice if the Quessn wasn't fond of Mrs Obama, she woulld have not only returned the gesture by wrapping her arm around Mrs. Obama, but Mrs. Obama herself would have recieved the icey stare her Majesty is noticed for.
The iPod: another matter since Prince Andrew had already given her one. But hey, as any good Grannie, the Queen may have passed it onto a grandchild.
No, I have not convented and become an Obama supporter.
I just think the "she touched the Queen" was blown up by folks, who were really jealous because they weren't invite to take tea with the Queen.
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