Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New Year Jerusalem

Boka Tov;
It is a beauiful Spring day here. Almost ready for Passover.
Soon, we will burn the last of the bread we collected last night and we will then be free of leaven.
Mark was saying last night as we did the search of the bread crumbs that "it is true we recieve forgivness, but we must take an action part in removing the sin in our lives."
In Torah, leaven is pictured as sin; it not only makes things tasty, but also puffs thing up, as in being 'puffed in with pride, arrongance.

Son these next eight days, after we and G-d has searched our lives of sin and it has been removed, we are now ready to prepare the Passover meal.
With ritual foods we remember our deliverance by G-d from Egypt, and for those of us who believe in Messiah our freedom from sin and death.
"Next Year in Jerusalem." are the words we end the Seder will end.
It is the rerain of a homesick people in exile since the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70A.D. It is looking back to our homeland that has kept us going as a people.
For Mark and I, it is the cry of our hearts. One day, we shall not only eat the Sedar in Jerusalm, but return to our home.
The place where it all began.
One day, Jerusalem.
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