Monday, 13 April 2009

Passover And How I Survived

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holidy weekend. Mark and I would like to thank all who stopped and wished a Happy Passover.

And it was.

I am beginning to recover.....
Again, this Passover was great. One night, we shared the Seder with another family and Firday night, we hosted our own. We had three sisters from our congregation. Because Mark did not drive Friday, we could fully partake of Passover wine instead of grape juice.
And since Elijah didn't show up, I drank it for him.
Everyone loved the Spring Veggie soup and it for my non-meat eating friends, this is a soup you would love because it is just Spring Veggies.
I added my matza balls to the soup and it was a winner.
The lamb came out great and friends took leftovers.
Shabbat morning @ 9:15a.m my eye opened. About 15 miuntes later, I could open the left one.
Torah study went into the reason for the Holy Day: that we were once slaves, but now we are free, a freedom won not by the U.N (we would still be in chains) but by the Mightly Hand of G-d. His was a Way one could not only believe in, but saying no cost one's life.
Ask the late Pharoah.
But there was a point brought out that is often missed: the egyptians were the creation of G-d as well. And He did not rejoice over Pharaoh or his armies deaths.
There is a Talmudic story that says the angels rejoiced over Pharoah's death, until the Almightly stopped them.
"How can you rejoice over the destuction of My Creation." On this day, while His Chosen People were saved, others of His creation deid because of their stuff-neck and harden hearts. That is why we have a saying: "we do not rejoice over the death of our enemy, but are sadden that thaings came to this point."
The Seder reminds us that each one of us were there and if he hadn't stepped in, we as a people may be no more.
And there would have been no Messiah.
How thankful I am for the Passover Lamb.
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