Monday, 6 April 2009

Good Monday

It is a beautiful, sunny afternoon. It was cloudly this morning and had a downpour around noon, but the sun is now out and the weather is warming.
Mark is out getting the lamb for Passover. We have been invited to share Passover with another family the first night and will host a Sedar Friday evening.
I love this time of year.
It is a time of renewal, of in a real sense being reborn.
We clean the house of all leaven; any and everything that contains yeast goes. Leaven is used in scripture as a type for sin and we are to remove the sin from our homes. When one bakes, yeast gets into the air and travels. Which is why everything is washed and shaked out.
Yes, Spring cleaning.
Once the house is clean, we prepare the Passover meal, the meal that reminds us we were once slaves in another land and now free.
And the cost of that freedom.
For eight days, our food fresh, products from the earth. No yeast products; cakes, pies cookies, etc unless made from unleaven meal. Our bodies and souls and detoxes.
Do we live to eat?
Or eat to live?
It is a time of reflection and renewal, reconnection with our G-d and family.
It is the beginning of the Religious New Year, thrus called the Grand Shabbat, the Great or Grand Rest.
What a way to begin again; in peace.
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