Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ah! It's Cold!!!!!

The weather has changed.
It is cold once again and once again the heat is on and we are drinking coffee. We have to go to the store later, finish up our food shopping for the next nine days. After all; nothing with yeast. We are finishing leftovers before sunset for that the house is leaven free.
Last night, we took two bags of food with our former church. This way, that which we cannot eat can be used by others.
I was telling Mark about a movie I saw many years ago called The Late, Great Planet Earth, based on the Hal Lindsy book by the same title.
So while out getting coffee, mark stopped by the Naro, our local video show and they indeed carried the DVD.
So, we are about to have lunch and watch the movie.
An afternoon cozy with a movie and my honey.
Ahhhhhhhh :)
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