Monday, 2 November 2009

Another, Cold, Rainly Day

Boka Tov:
 I awoke to another cold, rainy day. In fact, the Fog is almost burned off.
Then I realize; my beloved is facing the same type of weather in Afganistan.
No doublt he is enjoying one of those little packages of istant coffee Starbuck has been sending in their Support the Troops campaign. And made he doesn't have a Laini biscuit to eat with it.
Which means I have to Man-Up and get out there, obtain the things need to bake this week.
I am also starting Operation School Supplies.
This is my baby. Knowing the schools are short on supplies, I am going to start shopping for school supplies and sweets for the children.
This way I can share in my husband's work.
In my husband's life.
Funny, it doesn't feel so damp and cold anylonger.
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